Chip Timing System

We offer chip timing services using the RM Timing System. The RM Timing System was born out of the needs of a race timer and has been used to time some of the largest races in the US with over 20,000 participants. The system uses inexpensive, disposable, chips that are mounted on the back of the runners bib number. There is no need to collect chips at the end of a race. The system provides quick and accurate results and the use of this system reduces the need for race management to provide volunteers to collect pull tags in the chute at the finish line. Let us chip time your event!

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 Bar Code Race Timing System

For smaller races, while you can still use our chip timing service, we also offer our bar code timing/chute system. This system is offered for races that will have 500 participants or less. For this system, we will set up several chutes at the finish line and race management will provide volunteers to collect tags in the chutes. We will train and manage the volunteers, scan the barcodes on the tags and provide results quickly, and accurately, upon completion of the event.

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